The British Railway Modellers of Australia (BRMA)

The British Railway Modellers of Australia (BRMA) is a group of about five hundred model railway enthusiasts who have an interest in modelling British railway prototypes. Many members have a layout, some are collectors whilst others just have an interest.

We have an annual convention in the spring which moves to a different state each year. During the rest of the year we meet informally in member's homes to view and operate members layouts and to socialise. All members receive a printed quarterly magazine called "The Clearing House" which features members layouts, publishes reviews and explores modelling techniques.

All scales, from T up to Gauge Three, can be seen in BRMA. Members layouts cover all British prototypes, from pre First World War to the present day.

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Our Next Convention
In Sydney, 28th to 30th September, 2018
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BRMA - British Railway Modellers of Australia

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 27 Oct
- Updates
1. The Contacts page has been updated with the changes from the October AGM and Committee Meeting.
2. The next Convention will be held in Sydney - details can be accessed from the button above which will take you to a level where
access to past Conventions is also available.
- Galleries
Note: The galleries do indicate (for 30 days) 'NEW' content when additional or revised items are added to a gallery.
- Web Site Enhancements
1. Convention details have now been transferred to the same software as hosts the Galleries.  This allows more
scope for the presentation of material pertinent to the next Convention as well as being able to support the record of previous
conventions.  Watch for information on Presentations, etc. from the Melbourne Convention...
 1 Oct
It may have been noticed that this "What's New" list had not been updated after the 1st July. 
Some feedback has been received that some users may not be delving deeper into the web site
unless there is some indication that new or revised content is available to browse.
As a result this 'indicator' will be reinstated...
- Password
The password for access the the Members Only pages has been updated as per that advised in TCH 156.
- Galleries
Note: The galleries do indicate (for 30 days) 'NEW' content when additional or revised items are added to a gallery.
1. A number of new galleries have been added to the British Layouts
2. New video's have been added to Non-British Layouts - Fern Valley
- Updates
1. The Meetings Schedule has been updated for the quarter commencing 1st October 2017. 
2. The TCH Index (Members Only) has been updated to reflect all TCHs through to TCH 156.
- Web Site Enhancements
1. A new page is now available for 'Buy & Sell' for BRMA Members.  See this new page for instructions to enable the listing of items and
the Conditions that apply to such listings.