On becoming a member, you will receive our quarterly magazine, The Clearing House (TCH). The magazine runs to 40-44 pages, most of them in colour. It contains news of activities within the Association and each issue contains a layout of the quarter. Regular features include a Gadget Page, modelling techniques, an update from the UK, a layout gallery and product reviews.

As a member you will be welcome at meetings in your area or elsewhere. Meetings vary from weekly to bimonthly dependent on location, most of them at members homes where layouts can be viewed and operated.

You will also be welcomed at the annual convention which is held each spring with core activities generally lasting three days and railway related excursions often happening before and after.


The subscription rate for Australian residents is $40 per annum. For New Zealand members, the subscription is AU$45 and elsewhere the subscription is AU$55.

How to join

Please complete the application form